Friday, April 18, 2014
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Elite Martial Arts is the only Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) school in Sonoma county specializing in non-competitive training. With a 25-year history in the area, Elite Martial Arts creates a training environment where our clients come first and their needs and goals become ours. Through an integrated program of boxing, kickboxing, grappling and conditioning (mental and physical), Elite Martial Arts coaches you as a whole person, not just a fighter. Our emphasis on individual attention and proven coaching methods and techniques makes Elite Martial Arts Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park's premiere training facility.

Our Approach

We believe that our clients learn best when they can have a direct experience of what is been taught to them, creating a meaning that only they can embody. Real performance can only take place when what is taught to you becomes integrated into your own personal expression of movement. The bottom line is that knowing a hundred techniques means nothing unless you can apply it for yourself, using your own unique movement patterns and attributes. Performance is often left to chance in most martial arts schools. You either get it or you don’t.

Play The GAME

What makes our boxing and mixed martial arts program and service unique is how we coach and teach martial arts and the environment we create for that coaching and teaching to take place. The CMDP, offered by Elite Martial Arts, is founded on the GAME approach to coaching martial arts. With GAME we GROUND you in what you need to learn based on your unique needs and goals, Create an ATTITUDE that builds on your strengths not your weaknesses, MOTIVATING you by creating a training environment that works specifically for you, And finally EXECUTING a game plan that not only makes you a champion on the mat but also gives you the tools to make a positive difference in world we all live in.

Strength-Based Coaching

You might find this challenging at first. You might believe that you need to focus on the things you’re not so good at, that you need to keep working on your weaknesses until they turn into strengths. You might have a deep-rooted belief that hard work and perseverance is the only route to success. Trouble is that route doesn’t work. The truth looks a whole lot different. The truth is that working on your weak spots is a poor return on investment – and a lot of wasted energy. The truth is that champions transform their game by focusing on what they’re good at – and becoming great at it. The truth is that you learn the most and grow the fastest when you focus on your strengths.